One to One Support by Supported Holidays
with Fun Filled Holidays

We have become aware that some people are omitting information from their booking form about the true level of support they actually require. This can have a great impact on the care they receive on holiday and on the group as a whole, as holiday staff may not be able to dedicate their time equally and appropriately between holidaymakers. We want everyone to enjoy their holiday, therefore we have produced this brief guide recommending when we consider a person would benefit from one to one support.

Time is often at a premium in a morning if there are up to 8 people requiring support before breakfast and the day’s activities. We would expect to support people with water temperatures, hair washing and shaving. We can help to select appropriate clothing. We would suggest one to one support if people need help to completely bath/shower, dry, get dressed, and with any aspect of toileting, this way a member of staff can completely dedicate their time to that person.

When a person struggles to walk, walk long distances, get on and off transport, or to walk up and down stairs, we often find they cannot keep up with the group, or the group is restricted by the abilities of that person, significantly impacting on the enjoyment of their holiday. We would recommend one to one support so that person can go at their own pace without having to worry about impacting the rest of the group. We may also suggest hiring a wheelchair if that person would prefer to keep up with the group.

Like providing personal care, time is of a premium. If a person requires support to administer a substantial amount of medication, including the application of creams, lotions and bathing products, we would recommend one to one support so that they receive the level of support required without compromising safety because of time limitations. We would also ask that all medical conditions are disclosed on the booking form or we are made aware of any new medical conditions, treatments or procedures since the booking form was completed and before the start date of the holiday. Any conditions we are not aware of could have a real impact on the holidaymaker’s enjoyment of the holiday as the type of holiday may no longer be suitable for their needs.

Other ONE TO ONE situations
If a person requires emotional or behavioural support where they would benefit from time out and/or time away from other holidaymakers, we suggest one to one support so that they have the opportunity to exercise any de-escalation techniques, allowing them to be able to cope and enjoy the remainder of their holiday.

We would ask you to provide all the relevant details about the level of support required when completing the booking form, continuing on a separate sheet if necessary.  The holiday brochure has hints about the level of mobility required for each holiday and we ask that you take this into consideration when choosing a holiday. Please feel free to contact us to discuss options.

If we may refer you to section 2 of our terms and conditions, a person’s holiday may be terminated if their support needs are over and above what we consider basic support. This is why it is essential we receive as much information as possible on the booking form so that we can ensure we provide support which is safe and effective.

One to one support does incur additional costs but it enables a person who wouldn’t usually be able to access group holidays with their piers to have a great time.

Please feel free to call us to discuss options. If we are not able to answer, please leave a message and we will get back in touch with you as soon as possible.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation.